AW Custom M712 Smuggler’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol


Who wants to be Han Solo? Or more to the point, who doesn’t want to be Han Solo?! Well guys, this beautiful kit will go a long way to fulfilling that wish. The DL-44 Heavy Blaster pistol is a fantastic replica of the hero’s sidearm. You just don’t find the same level of quality in a fully functioning replica anywhere else.Assembly of the pistol is very straightforward, just slide the flash hider over the barrel and tighten a single grub screw. The scope is attached with screws to the scope mount on the side of the pistol. The most difficult part is trying to decide whether you should mount it on the wall or immediately get down to your local skirmish site so you can blasting away with one hand in the air.

It’s based on the M712 Broomhandle Mauser so not only will it make an awesome prop or collector’s piece, it’s a great performing skirmishing weapon. The construction is almost entirely alloy with exception to the faux wood grips. This full metal construction makes it an absolute pleasure to hold, to use, or to simply gawk at. It’s gas blow back and can fire in semi or full auto for extra pew pewing! It can also be discreetly drawn underneath tables to settle arguments?

Armorer Works GBB M712 Smuggler’s DL-44 Heavy Blaster Pistol Features…

Velocity Feet Per Second (FPS): 260
Length: 300mm
Weight (with Magazine): 1350g
Inner Barrel Length: 85mm

Awesome Fully Functioning Airsoft Replica
Semi & Full Auto
Full Metal Construction
Perfect Cosplay Item
Ideal choice for smugglers, bounty hunters and rebels.
Simple Assembly Required

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