Airsoft and the Law

In order to purchase an airsoft replica in the UK / NI, you must be of at least 18 years of age.

Power Limits:

In Northern Ireland ALL airsoft replicas have a muzzle velocity of no more than 1 joule of energy, measured with a .20g BB.  The rest of the UK, have different laws.  All replicas supplied by TSAirsoft, will have a muzzle velocity of 1 joule or less - regardless of where it is being shipped to.


Any one who is 18+ can purchase a 'Two-tone' replica.  Two-tones are the same as the original replica, except 51% or more of the replica has been painted a bright colour, so that it can be easily identified as a toy. 

These are known as 'IFs" for short - imitation firearms.

In order to keep your replica looking realistic (or RIFs for short - realistic imitation firearms) - you must have a valid defence at the time of purchase.  In other words, a valid reason as to why you need it.  Your defence can be that you are a member of an Airsoft Club, part of a re-enactment group or work for TV production company, needing props.

Most airsoft sites will sign you up to the UKARA (united Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association) data base.  This is a system in place so that any retailer linked to the system can verify that you a regular airsofter.  In order to be added to the database, you must play 3 games in no less than 2 months.  These must be at the same site,  It's to show a level of commitment.  

Once your added, your details will be kept for a year, and must be renewed.

You will be asked for your proof of defence at the time of purchase.

Please note it is not an 'Airsoft Licence' - an airsoft licence does not exist.