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  • Description

    Hight Efficiency from Point is a set for demanding customers.
    It contains all the necessary lubricants so that your replica gearbox runs smoothly and without any breakdown.

    In this set we can find AIR SEAL OIL - a lubricant for all rubber elements affecting the tightness and compression in the replica.
    It will be used for o-ring lubrication of cylinder heads, nozzle seals and cylinder head in electric replicas and snipers. It is also recommended for the lubrication of nozzles and valves in gas replicas.
    It revives and extends the life of rubber elements.

    GEAR GREASE - dedicated to gears. Its thin layer applied to the surface of the gears silences the gearbox's work and reduces vibrations.
    However, its main advantage is shear and high pressure resistance. Reliable protection against wear, even in the case of heavy loads and high speed.

    BEARING GREASE - grease for bearings creates a solid lubricating layer on the surface of cooperating elements.
    Reduces friction and prevents excessive wear even on heavily loaded bearings.

    MOTOR GREASE - it is a grease dedicated to the gears of the motor axis and the motor gear inside gearbox.
    Its advantage is excellent resistance to dust, dirt and water and ensuring lubrication even after wiping the grease due to the addition of graphite