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  • Description

    This pump action shotgun from Double Eagle is spring-powered, easy to use and is the ideal backup for any loadout. Being spring-powered, the shotgun requires absolutely minimal accessories and/or maintenance to use, and so is the perfect RIF to stow away in your kit bag for CQB games, when your main RIF fails or when you just fancy a change of pace. You'll be surprised how effective a shotgun can be even when used in [outdoor] longer range engagements.

    It is a tri-burst design, which means that each time the shotgun is fired a total of three BBs are launched at your target, achieving a concentrated spread which helps replicate the feel of a shotgun, without costing too much in long range accuracy. Thanks to the tight spread it is more forgiving with regards to how precisely you need to aim, and means you can be much faster on target and be more likely to win the engagement. The shotgun is fed by faux shotgun shells which hold 30 BBs each, and are loaded into the breach by opening the door that covers it, placing the shotgun shell and closing the door over it.

    This is the perfect Airsoft gun for anyone who is either wanting to get into the sport for cheap, looking to get a back garden plinker to enjoy on sunny days or as a backup to a main replica. The best part of owning a shotgun is how little kit/maintenance it requires. So long as there is a shotgun, some shells and BBs in my kit bag I know I can relax the night before skirmish - even if I forget everything for my AEGs I can still have a good time. 


    • Rubberised grips
    • Excellent grip even in gloves
    • Tri-burst shotgun
    • Fed by shotgun shells
    • 30rnd capacity per shell
    • Front and rear sling points
    • Trigger lock safety
    • The ideal backup RIF
    • Compact
    • Lightweight
    • 1 x shell fed into breach at a time
    • Built-in ironsights

    Package Includes:

    • Tri-Shot M56B Pump Shotgun