TOKYO MARUI GLOCK 34 (G34) by Tokyo Marui

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Code 142696
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  • Description

    The Glock series has simple operability, light weight and high durability, as well as safety and low cost. Among them, Glock 34, which is a model for shooters with a 9 mm diameter, has been modeled with gas blowback.
    In addition to recreating the stoic style that eliminates all waste, the shape of each part, the safety gimmick of the trigger, the barrel and slide length extended to aim more precisely in competitive shooting, and the fine adjustment of the vertical and horizontal positions The rear sight that can be used is also effective when shooting with an airsoft gun. 

    "Major features"

    • Long slide model: The length of the inner barrel is extended due to the longer slide. The distance between the front and rear sights is also longer, achieving higher accuracy.
    • 3rd Generation Style Railed Frame: A frame with integrated 20mm underrails that can be fitted with the lights that are essential for CQB equipment, and has finger channels and thumb rests that always provide the best gripping. ..
    • Lanyard link: The lanyard link at the rear of the grip can be connected to a lanyard (= bearer string) that prevents it from being lost or dropped.
    • Long size magazine catch & slide stop: With the magazine catch and slide stop that are easier to operate, you can quickly release (release) the magazine change or slide open state.
    • Cocking indicator: Equipped with a gimmick that can easily determine whether the main body is ready to be fired, depending on the rest position of the trigger.
    • Fully Adjustable Rear Sight: By rotating the screw on the right side of the rear sight with the attached screwdriver, you can finely adjust the vertical and horizontal positions.
    • Powerful blowback: The slide moves back vigorously at the time of launch, realistically reproducing the appearance power and the intense recoil at the time of launch. Bold back operation has become more agile because the weight reduction is achieved by reproducing the bold thinning of the upper part of the slide.
    • Die-cast magazine: Comes with a die-cast magazine that has 25 bullets and is resistant to cold.
    • ■Variable hop-up system installed
      ■Semi-automatic (single shot) launch only

      full length222 mm
      Gun height102 mm
      weight710 g (with an empty magazine)
      bullet6mm BB (0.2-0.25g)
      Power sourceDedicated gas (*1)
      Number of shots25 + 1 shot (1 shot when loaded in the body)
      Type nameGLOCK 34
      typeHand gun (automatic)
      • *1: Please use the exclusive “Gunpower HFC134a Gas” or “Non-CFC Gunpower”.